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Re: Frequent Disconnects and reconnects

Fenagled with some phone jacks in the house and got the downstream SNR up to 18



13+ hours after messing with the phone jack I've had zero errors, zero retrains, and steady 18dbm downstream and 31dbm upstream SNR.

Phone jack had 2 exposed wires that were up against a metal wall plate (used for hanging the older, heavier phones). The wires could have easily made contact to the plate and shorted, likely injecting a lot of noise on the line.

Calling this solved.



Welp, started again last night. Ran a direct like to the box outside through a window and will let it run for a day or 2 and go from there.



Dear Diary:

Still acting up even while connected directly to the NID. Since it takes about 12 hours after I unplug the modem and let it sit (or cool down) I'm thinking the modem is overheating.



I am/was having the exact same issue. For me it was the CRC errors were incrementing. What I found was that just before the DSL dropped the SNR downstream would drop to below 2dB.

I also had a line tech come out and he cleaned up the lines and increased my DSL speed. He saw no errors on the line.

I also found that if I unplugged my C1000A the problem would go away for a time. The longer it ran the more frequent the DSL dropping became to a point.

I searched around and could not find a good post about this and so I figured I better replace the modem and see what happens. I just installed the very same modem C1000A. The first thing I noticed is that my downstream SNR was 14db. On my old modem the best I saw was 9db. The new modem has been installed for about 1hr and so far no CRC errors and my SNR is between 12 and 14db.

I am pretty convinced that this is an issue with the ActionTec C1000A. I looked for updated firmware but I was running the latest. I would recommend giving them a call. It is possible they have a component issue.

Boise, ID
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