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Wheatland, CA
reply to Thadius856

Re: Splitting Coax (F-Type RG6) 16-Way Preferably Rack-Mounted?

Progress update, for those interested.

Cabling from above:

Those are Garder-Bender cable stackers, if anybody decides they want to use them. About $5 for a 20-pk at blue home improvement store.

Cut holes and wired for one two-gang receptacle on each side (total 8 outlets).

Cut holes for and wired two ethernet lines to each of two locations for access points. Didn't want to do PoE because of the bundle size and heat dissipation, so installed GFCIs nearby.


Wheatland, CA
Decided I'd rather have 2 three-gang worth of electrical per side (total 24 outlets). In hindsight, maybe a little overkill.

Started punching down drops. Each is two ethernet, four phone lines on two 6P6C jacks, one coax, and one spare ethernet (perhaps repurposed for future HDMI distribution or PoE or... something else?). Rooms are color coded (green bedrooms, blue kitchen/bath, yellow office, black entertainment room, orange access points, red to demarks).

Punched down access points. Had to go back later and switch the red to orange per my color code.

From behind.

Installed receptacles and face plates. Shelves came out. Spackled. Retextured problem areas. Painted. Installed crown (ran out of trim paint, so just primed for now). 7U server rack going in.

Added Rubbermaid Configurations modular closet system (4-to-8 foot kit custom cut down to 26").