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Re: Lifeline Internet Service

I agree, because broadband service is now considered a utility the companies should have to provide a modest product with a reasonable cost. There are plenty of people who are not welfare queens that have modest incomes and try to stay within their budget so they don't have to reply on the taxpayer to support their most basic needs. I would consider myself one of these people.

The unfortunate thing is that Charter HAD a nationwide plan that provided that solution for folks like us ..called "Internet Lite" with
3/1 service that was perfectly adequate for my needs and the price was reasonable too. The new CEO decided to get very GREEDY and did away with that plan. Now they will be forced to in REinvent it. LOL. How much you want to bet that Mr. Rutledge will take credit for this NEW low income plan.


I disagree that Internet is a basic need. It's not like heat where you're going to freeze if you can't afford to pay, thus cold weather disconnect rules have been implemented.