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Wheatland, CA

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reply to Thadius856

Re: Splitting Coax (F-Type RG6) 16-Way Preferably Rack-Mounted?

First patch panel going in. Shelf installed up-side-down to simulate switch "hard floor" for service loops while it was in shipment.

Many hours later, first patch panel done.

Switch arrives. Second, large patch panel (spare ethernet, phone, coax) almost done... but not satisfied with it. Note that coax connects in the wrong direction (backside of barrels are empty).

Replacement patch panels arrive today. Swap white phone keystones for ivory. Punch down spare ethernet keystones. Replace large patch panel. Install surge protection. Preliminary patching.

Cable guy showed up to connect service. I asked him to split incoming drop at the demark so 1st port would patch to router and 2nd port would patch to 4-way coax splitter for 3 TVs. Instead, he does not split at the demark, instead uses a single 4-way on 1st port. Not sure I'm satisfied, but TVs and modem getting good signal.

Router and modem patched in temporarily until I can hide them on the shelf. Connecting to port 1 at gigabit speeds. Super happy.

Old internet tested 4.5 mbps down / 300 kbps up. New connection tests at this speed:


Wheatland, CA

1 recommendation

Was in a race against time because the insulation guys were scheduled. They re-insulated since the OP.