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reply to BHNtechXpert

Re: CableCard Provisioning

said by BHNtechXpert:

said by opp :

You say rebooted did that include unplugging the TA to restart it? Some people have to plug TA into timer to turn it off every couple of weeks when not set to record anything.

That is not necessary and send me anyone who is having to do that please.

Lots at tivocommunity, never saw any from Orlando though was hoping maybe brighthouse did not have the problem, is why I will watch (to see if it is TA problem) this thread will be getting card and TA as soon as I watch whats left on my DVR. Oddly the ones doing it have it unplugged for 20 minutes I have no idea how they came up with that number. Like I said seems to be mostly comcast customers was relieved I never saw anyone from brighthouse having TA problems.