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Quinault, WA
reply to smoline

Re: Gen 4 problems with OSX Mountain Lion

said by smoline :

I was the original poster on the HN forum on this issue. We didn't figure out it was a Mountain Lion problem until several weeks of troubleshooting. ... I also suggested that they not charge me the monthly fee for a service that is not compatible with my OS.

You helped a lot of customers, potential customers, and HughesNet by debugging a system which shouldn't have been released out of beta testing. Thanks!

You do have 30 days after the installation to cancel your service with Hughes without an early termination fee. It's difficult to recommend an alternative to Gen4 at this time however.
HT1000/Time Capsule, Exede 12/Airport Express, OSX Snow Leopard

I would say, no matter what, unless the satellite was a total failure, that corporate would have pushed it through no matter what showed up during testing unless it was something that could have caused serious issues across the board. It was up for 2 months, during that time the system wasn't bringing in any money, so it was costing serious cash just to keep it on stand-by. So it does make sense that they pushed it out in a rush to help fund the satellite. Yes, there are bugs, but, the bugs aren't exactly the worst kind IMO, and they are working towards a fix for these types of issues.

I am surprised this particular issue wasn't noticed during tests though, maybe they just didn't have enough users, or, users with several apple products to test with. Still strange that Apple products are having such issues.