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Cambridge, NY
reply to bill672

Re: Gen 4 problems with OSX Mountain Lion

The more I think about this, the less I understand it.

If I had Gen 4 connected first to a WiFi router (as it would be in my house) all the computers in my house would connect to HughesNet through WiFi.

Suppose a visitor then dropped in to use my internet with his Windows laptop. Are they saying that if the Windows computer clicked on the same url as the Mountain Lion computer, that the downstream speed would be faster for the Windows computer than for the Mountain Lion computer sitting right next to it? Over the same WiFi network? I wonder if anyone with Gen 4 and Mountain Lion has tried a test like that.

How would that work? I know that websites can identify the OS of a computer requesting their url. But why would the stream to one be slower than to another? They both use the same internet protocols, don't they? I've taken my ML laptop to coffee shops and libraries, etc, and see no slowdown with any other ISP.
Upstate NY HN9000 Apple Airport(802.11n)/ Mac OS X 10.6