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Can we take HSIA,IPTV for office?

Can we take HSIA,IPTV for office? what is the criteria?

Orange, CA
said by harekrishna:

Can we take HSIA,IPTV for office? what is the criteria?

It depends on where your office is. From a technical point of view, it could very well be that a VRAD that only connects to businesses in a business district, isn't even configured for television because they would have too few customers.

Might be a safer bet to go with a satellite provider, that is what most businesses seem to go with anyways, because cable is often also not supplied to business districts.
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Birmingham, AL
reply to harekrishna
Just use the residential availability checker. If you can get the residential plans, you can get the business plans:
»smallbusiness.bellsouth.com/uver ··· _tv.html

Lisle, IL
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reply to harekrishna
There is business class U-Verse IPTV and/or Internet; there is no business class U-Verse VoIP (at least at this point)

Business class Internet can be served FTTP/BPON, FTTN/VDSL2, FTTN-BP VDSL2, or IPDSLAM/ADSL2+, just as its Residential class counterpart can be. Business class Internet does not have the 250 GB/month cap (technically Residential class does have a 250 GB/month cap, but to this point it has not been enforced AFAIK)

Business class IPTV can be served FTTP/BPON, FTTN/VDSL2, or FTTN-BP VDSL2, again just as its Residential class counterparts. Business class IPTV cannot be in a bar/restaurant customer area. Basically it would be used for break rooms, small office waiting rooms, office TVs, etc. The IPTV business class channel packages differ from the residential ones, and I believe there is no DVR service on business class (that may have changed though). The same 4 stream limit of residential service applies to business class as well

And, just as with any U-Verse service, availability varies as to whether you are within the service area of a VRAD (for FTTN or FTTN-BP services), (typically) a CO (for IPDSLAM services), or you have Fiber (for FTTP services).

U-Verse Business class sales can be contacted at 888.288.8339