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Cable quality requires maintenance (and common sense)

Tell me about it. I have worked for Kabletown (read between the lines there) for 5 years. The Signal-to-Noise Ratios (or SNR) are KEY. Over the years my DownStream SNR has usually been fine [I can connect to others hosting games]. DS SNR can be seen on most modems by going to However UpStream SNR can only be seen from the back offices, and most folks that work there don't know to check it. This signal affects hosting, file uploads, etc. Experienced Technicians (level 4+ with many years experience) know to look for this but rarely think about it. I had to keep on top of my local mainline crew for a year-and-a-half before it was fixed well enough. I can finally host Xbox games & my file uploads don't fail as much anymore.

*If you think customers get treated badly =try working there. I just recently left the company because I couldn't take being constantly reactive and rarely proactive. I was an in-house tech for 3 years and then moved into "tech support for the techs" the Day Of Job department. It is amazing that Kabletown has so much technology and potential but lets their red-tape prevent them from making great strides. In the meantime; full departments are staffed with solving problems that could be prevented with proper software testing and better training. Spending dollars to save pennies never makes sense.

I tried (with some success) to improve the level of service a major part of the East Coast.
In the end management got tired of me holding them accountable from a subordinate position and we parted ways.
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