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Re: [Internet] OpenDNS on Bell Fibe

I would try letting the Apple Extreme handle the PPPoE login (ie bridge mode), just clear out all the login settings on the Sagecome and turn off its Wi-Fi as well. By doing so you can configure the DNS servers of your choice in the Apple Extreme, and Bell's hardware will not be intercepting and mangling DNS requests.



Well this leads to another can of worms ... maybe. I want my Apple Extreme to handle all the PPPoE connections but to do this, I have to put the Sagecom is bridge mode ... do I not? And Bell does not want to hear about it. They told me to call Sagecom but they won't support it. I am also concerned about screwing my TV connection when I do this? You are saying that if I simply remove the PPPoE connection information from the Sagecom and put it in the Extreme, that will work so that it is the Extreme handling the connection and the DHCP clients? Will that botch the TV signal?



Thornhill, ON

You do not have to put the sagemcom in bridge mode, and if you did then the PVR apps would not work. Both the sagemcom and the AE can do PPPoE at the same time. Just turn off wireless on the sagemcom.


Whitby, ON

If you just turn off the wireless on the Sagemcom won't you run into double NAT issues?

I have Fibe TV but would like to use my own router as well but I am a little unsure how to accomplish this without messing the TVs up.


Thornhill, ON

You will only impact the FibeTV if you turn that service off in the sagemcom.

If wireless is turned off it just means that a second signal is not being broadcast. I have been running in this configuration for months.