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Norman, OK

Cox Cable

The programing is terrible and I hate the 2006 DVR's they give us (with 2008 software). These people think we are idoits. I am fixing unbundle go for DIRECTV. At least I will have a better selections. The way they stack 3 progams and let you record only 2 sucks. COX NEEDS TO UPGRADE THIER EQUIPMENT). Sory I had to get that out.... COX TV = Garbage for progaming I paid good money to watch and have to watch again. It gets boring...

Mary Esther, FL
Agree, just don't expect direct tv to work in a rainstorm. Many people are returning their crappy hardware.



Mesa, AZ
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·Cox HSI
I used to have directv, never had any issues with rainstorms unless they were REALLY bad, and even then the outage wouldn't last long. You can easily get around that problem by using a bigger dish. Up north (canada) they use 24" dishes just to get a proper signal at all on ku band. Just use one of those down south and you'll never have any problems.

I've had more cable outages with cox than I had with directv. That is, hardly any worth mentioning.

Also, directv and dish both offer VASTLY superior equipment to cox. Cox DVR's have a ridiculously slow user interface and all sorts of bugs. I think they picked the cheapest brand available and just thought "hey, it has the letters DVR, that means they'll love it no matter how much of a POS it really is."


Norman, OK
Rakish, Thanks for your comment, my Dad has Direct TV and loves it so much he cut off the cable company providing him with all his services. He uses Radio Internet instead of AT&T DSL that never got fixed...

Local Cox keeps getting more expensive and more of the basic goes into the top set boxes... Cox's choices of DVR are just stupid. I know of technology that reads between the signals to gives your local and expanded services. I am watching cable companies suing these people. If the outcome is good, (we know the cable companies put an enormous amount of money resisting this.) We just might get what we want at a cheaper price. COX raised their prices here again and I am dreading just looking at the bill, much less paying it…