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Houghton Lake, MI
reply to NormanS

Re: [Newsgroups] Dutch Usenet services are doomed

said by NormanS:

said by AndrewW:

You offer up the availability of “free services” as proof that Usenet will go on forever. The “free services” that I am aware of are backed by commercial services. If the commercial service goes away, you can kiss your free services goodbye as well.

Eternal September and AIOE are backed by commercial services? News to me.

If you were to remove all infringing content from Usenet, then all commercial NSPs are doomed.

Probably true.

I know of no one, apart from you, interested in solely downloading “Linux distros”

Eh? I thought we were discussing the Usenet, not BitTorrent. Linux has nothing to do with it. There are photo hobbyist groups, art hobbyist groups, even stationery groups, which work with binaries.

... and since you're only interested in “free services”, how is a commercial service going to retain its paying customers?

I suppose they could pay the license fees for distribution of copyrighted works.

Basically, while the Usenet you know may be doomed, the Usenet I know will survive.

Usenet was started before bulletin boards and was for text only. Then we got the web and bulletin boards so usenet only keep going because of the binary groups and file sharing.

Now the web has come a long way and today most people use forums to talk about things, but since usenet text groups still exist and go back many years worth of data they are still being used today by a small number of fokes.

As was stated above, most usenet users and traffic are for the binary groups and file sharing. If that part of the usenet goes down so will all the NSP's because there will not be enough people willing to pay for usenet to support even one NSP to keep going.

If any free NSP are up today and are not also commercial then they only carry a very small number of the groups that are not the popular ones that have high traffic.

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Whatever ...


said by NormanS:

Whatever ...

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