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reply to mmainprize

Re: [HSI] Slow http request/NO upload/packet loss/timeouts/black

With the router its always 24.151.202.xxx

just the modem itself its always 71.88.182.xxx

It was on 71.188 last night when it was working great (with the router). But I booted the modem up (after a reset), and didn't pulg it into the router until it already had teh 71.188 ip.

Right now its on a 24.151.111.xxx ip.

Weird how the problem only seem corrected last night about 4 hours, then back this morning it was back to crap. I never turned the pc, router or modem off after it was working good.

Another user on here that lives in Tullahoma, TN is having the same issues. that's about 45mins-1 hr away.

He's using a SB6120 Moto modem.....He said it only started Sunday as well.

said by mmainprize:

It seems you are a marked man. From what you said it looks like you are being put on a bad network for D2 modems and it is overloaded on the upload side.

If you change your IP by forcing a MAC address change in the Router or by removing the router then you get an IP that works normal until you get changed back to the bad IP (blacklisted) you listed above.

Your option is to get a D3 modem and change it out yourself, this should stop the issue, unless this is about getting you off the cheap 2 year plan your on.
You should be able to find a cheap D3 modem on E-bay or just buy one new at the store.

I know it sucks you have to make this change but you have 1.5 years left on your deal, otherwise it will cast you $50 month for HSI and if you have other services that may be more also.