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Re: [Need Info] Cell phone battery life need opinion.

The Droid Razr Maxx and its replacement the Razr HD Maxx would be your best bet if battery life is your #1 concern. I believe they have 3300 mAh batteries, which is the largest capacity stock battery of any smartphone. If you want to say with Sprint, I have the Evo LTE, which has a 2000 mAh battery and I’m pretty impressed by the battery life. Light to moderate usage, with wifi off, Bluetooth off most of the time, unless I’m wearing my watch, GPS On, and brightness at near max will give me a full 24-36 hours on one charge if I push it. I think I maxed it out at 34 hours before plugging it in at about 5% battery life remaining. But I live in an area with poor cell coverage, I called Sprint and got myself a free Airave since the last time I did that experiment, so now I have a good strong signal instead of borderline service that is constantly cycling between native 1X, native EVDO and roaming. Between having a better signal and toning down the brightness (which is a shame, since the Evo LTE and the One X have hands down the best smartphone displays I have ever seen) I probably can get upwards of 40 hours out of the thing, if I tried.
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