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Re: [Raiding] Heart of Fear (or Entomology: A Love Affair)

In your shoes, it depends how long you've been trying Elegon. If it's a bit of a roadblock, I would move over to HoF, maybe something about your makeup or player's individual strengths will be better suited to that fight - and if it works out, you get a couple higher ilvl drops that will help you go back and bust a move on Elegon. Elsewise at least you get a change in scenery.

OTOH if you just started on Elegon I would probably stay with it - I try not to have my raiders learning too many new fights at once. Tho considering you are 4/6 your team is most likely less flaky than mine. Good luck!

Nick D
Orange, CA
We've done a fair bit on Elegon, but I'm not calling him a roadblock yet. Maybe 25 pulls. And we have a very consistent, well structured raid team, so not overly concerned about the learning bit.

I have no idea how close we actually are, since I keep calling wipes when we fail at benchmarks, but it doesn't seem HOPELESS, since we DO hit the benchmarks fairly consistently (2 protectors, 4 waves, 3 protectors). Had some little add fails that we're still addressing.

That said, I'm waiting for the burn phase to utterly destroy us since that is not very practiced at all.

Traditionally our raid is much better at mechanics than numbers. We're pretty good about not standing in fire, but not so much at DPS checks.