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reply to krommulent

Re: "Vision Telecommunucations" trucks at most pedesta

said by krommulent:

they are installing monitoring devices to spy on you and you alone.

Wow I feel so important now! I'm flattered that "they" would be so interested in what a peon is doing. LOL

many cable systems contract out large plant related upgrades, maintenance or even tap audits for illegal connections or missing traps. go out and ask one of them if you are interested.

I figured this, I just saw the Charter infosheet attached to my mailbox that explains this, I have a feeling we have quite a bit of theft going on here, as we still have analog service around here.

But I certainly hope that they are going to upgrade some lines as well. I've seen other utilities spray painting their line locations around here as well. The pedestals here are older and not well maintained the one I am connected to has a cover that doesn't fit right and has a large gap at the bottom which will let rain in.