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Palo Alto, CA

Do you have your VoIP in this storm?

I only have a simple question for those of you in the East Coast storm path (which most are TWC). For those of you in the worst areas, do you have your VoIP service working? Now, for those of you who have landline service, do you have dialtone?

I myself have Sonic.net (San Francisco) for my DSL + Phone, since they provide "free" phone service (basically rolled into the DSL price), so I definitely have an advantage over any CableCo.

Even then, my company has Ringcentral VoIP over a backup Sonic DSL line (main internet is Comcast). But Comcast did give us a decent quote for a PRI line. We couldn't take it since we found out how little electrical power we had in the "server room", and had to ditch the phone server itself.