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Ajax, ON

[Ultra/Lite] how can my mom upgrade her internet "tier" (plan)?

Hey folks,

My mom is currently using the "Ultra Lite" tier plan for her internet service. Even though that Rogers is no longer accepting new activations for this particular internet plan, they are still maintaining the existing clients who used this particular tier.

Thesedays, my mom is getting active with her internet thesedays - the biggie is the ComWave home phone service that runs over the internet and it often uses all of the bandwidth. The ultra-lite plan only has an "ultra-tite" bandwidth cap - about 2GB per month.

I want to know how can my mom upgrade her internet plan?

Any suggestions?

dan mackay

Barrie, ON

Re: [Ultra/Lite] how can my mom upgrade her internet "tier&

starts basic cable might be a good option, not going to get something that good with rogers


Scarborough, ON
reply to simon726

Re: [Ultra/Lite] how can my mom upgrade her internet "tier" (pla

If she wants to upgrade to Lite, just call them and request it and they will change your tier right away. If you want express or higher, tell her to go to a corporate rogers store with her modem and a piece of ID and have them exchange the modem and upgrade to the tier of her choice.