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QC, Canada
reply to fanou

Re: Cable internet in Quebec

said by fanou:

If the 3 mbit/s service is not upgraded to 5 mbit/s I am not interested. If the 8 mbit/s service is not upgraded to 10 mbit/s I will look at Electronic Box service. For 2$ more they offer 10 mbit/s and 100 Go. Why the traditional home phone is on the website if the service is not offer anymore? Also, what are the delays to install cable Internet and Traditional home phone (if this service is still available). VOIP is not an option because my alarm company doesn't support it.

Videotron is the one that pushes the speed increases to their customers (including the TPIA's). God knows when you're going to get the increase, but you WILL be getting it whether you sign up with ebox or TekSavvy. I can prove that with a very simple fact/example: two QC cable subs posted a while ago here saying that they were getting 20 Mbps instead of the advertised 15. Videotron had said that they wanted to get everyone upgraded before October 14th (not sure about the exact date). They did get it at/before Oct. 14th (or whatever). So why would that not happen with the other speeds? There's no reason. Therefore, you are going to get your speed upgrade with a TPIA or Videotron sometime before 2013.