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Carpentersville, IL
reply to rendrenner

Re: 6 modems listed, how do I fix this?

said by rendrenner:

There used to be some systems (Charter ? Moxi boxes?) that would actually let you use the box as the modem for internet access.

I figured as much, as all three STB's have an RJ45 plug on the back of them. I figured it was either for that, or for some future use to somehow tie the STB into the internet side of things. Never did try to plug it in to see what would actually happen.

said by rendrenner:

Your EMTA has multiple MAC address of those 1 is typically the CDV side and 1 is internet. The box kinda works the same way. It has different MAC addys depending on how it is being accessed. The one your seeing on the website is VOD access.

I did see that on my modem's status page, as well as listed on a sticker on the back. The status page lists 3 (LAN, CABLE, MTA) while the sticker actually lists 4 (EMAC, CMAC, MAT-MAC, USB-MAC)

Is that the reason why the modem actually shows up 3 times on Comcast's site? If that is why, then that answers my question, and I can understand why it would do that, as it does have a different MAC for each function the modem performs.

However, that still leaves one question unanswered. Why am I'm seeing 3 different Serial numbers for my eMTA modem? All three on Comcast's site match each other. However, if you look on the actual sticker on the back of the modem, there is a different number listed. Then, if you look on my modem's status page, you get a third number. I would think those should all match!

--Brian Plencner

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