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reply to cork1958

Re: Lifeline Internet Service

said by cork1958:

said by whoaru99:

I remember when gas was under $1 a gallon and old timers tell me you used to be able to buy a glass of beer for a nickel...

You must be a real youngster, if that's the cheapest you remember gas?

When I got my very first car, at age 16, gas was 32 cents a gallon!

Some how I think this topic is getting way off track?!

As far as todays generation vs. my generation, the kids are so used to handouts, they don't have a clue what to do after school, which is half the reason the we are so messed up in this country.

They were given "hand outs" back then too, it just was not realized because it was a lot more integrated into the family values and way of life.

Somehow in the 60's parents of 16yr olds still managed to help their kids get vehicles and somewhere to live to get started.

Also, there were more housewives back then, so if they couldn't help their kids get one, mom was around to drive them to a job or college.

I don't know why you call it a "hand out", I call it a "start". IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY.

Oh by the way, it also takes credit to get credit. Even if a 18yr old landed a nice job out of HS, they would not be able to find anything decent to live in without a co-signer.

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