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Issues with SmartCity DSL, Running Out of Options

I didn't know exactly where to put this, however looking for some help.

We have Smart City DSL service at our single family residence in Celebration, Florida.

Over the past month, we have experienced random slowdowns, and periods of high jitter. We first noticed this when our network extender for verizon started crapping out, and I checked the line for jitter at was all over the place.

Called a tech out and they first checked the line and said everything was fine. I called back, told them it wasn't and after two additional times sent another tech out who confirmed something was wrong.

He checked the signal inside the house, and stated that the levels were not what he wanted to see. Long and short of it, he supposedly changed us to a different pair that heads to the switching station, and changed our port on their end as well. At this point, he told me there was really nothing else they could fix.

When connecting directly to the modem, things are normally okay. However if I add in a router, things start to deteriorate rapidly. I have tried three different routers, and all start to exhibit the same issues after time. We have also tried removing network devices to see if something was up...still the same issue.

Today the tech stated he was going to go out and tone the entire line back to the switching station to confirm everything was okay on their end. However since it is an intermittent issue...I have no clue if he will find anything.

Any ideas?

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
With the router(s) is the modem bridged???

If not double NATing (both modem and router doing IP translation) can cause problems


Chicago, IL
reply to EOppegaard
Does your DSL modem support full bridged mode? Can your ISP place a monitor on the circuit and continuously check your Margins (Signal Strength) and "flopping"?

Most modems will display your margins in dB on a status page. What are those readings? Are they below 7dB with errors incrementing?