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Las Vegas, NV
reply to Alan A

Re: [NV] Cox Internet continually dropping in Las Vegas area

We have techs out trying to chase down a very intermittent issue in your node - the new ticket was opened yesterday and they're continuing to try to chase it down today.

We're working on it, but I can't give an ETA - intermittent problems like these are time consuming to fix (have to get the problem happening long enough to give the tech enough time to trace it down).

Alan A

Las Vegas, NV

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Getting lag spikes at 7:45 PM

EDIT: I just did a speedtest. It's slower than it usually is at night.

Alan A

Las Vegas, NV
The modem went out at 10:26 PM and then booted back up at 10:28 PM. The TEL 1 light began flashing afterwards (it's usually consistently lit).


Las Vegas, NV
Running into upload outage in my area on my Motorola SB5120(only model that works on my part of the line for some reason). It's been happening around 11am-2pm and 10pm-2am give or take some time over the past couple days.My downstream seems to be fine but, my upload is non-existent(I would post the but, upload won't go.) I've tried tests both on and off my D-link DIR-645 router with no difference. At most I can only upload small images and in video games my position doesn't update quickly and rubber bands like crazy.