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Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA

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Off Topic Fios issues in CA? or other widespread network prb

Anyone happen to use FIOS in California specifically socal?

Had nothing this morning at home except I could see issues with one of thier routers in San Jose. Called support tech changed lease and gave me new ip I can ping without any issues (old verizon DNS) but anything else is timing out or very high latency in the LAX area.

I can get on my 4 g phone no issues and it also shows timeouts in the LAX area on verizons network back to my house IP. Ping plotter is all over thte place and has multiple 100% packet loss between my 4G phone and my home ip..

Of course the tech says its all good now that his system says "inconclusive" and that its a DNS issue on my side. Go down and get a new router from the verizon store hahahah YEA not one near me for over 100 miles that services fios routers..

Its some kind of issue on their network as ping plotter shows..


Looks like they have fixed whatever issue they have now I am back must have been me channeling my tech support skills to the tech gods?

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