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NorCal John

Crescent City, CA

[CATV] Digital to analogue converter on cable TV

I bought a over-the-air digital to analogue TV converter box back when the big switch occurred. I had planned to try an antennae for local channels.

I'm also getting ready to make the big move from my old old TV to a new digital HD mainly for watching videos and internet content. But I want to get at least a few local channels.

Now I tried an experiment. I connected my converter to the cable and searched for channels. It didn't find any digital channels and I just got a no signal message.

Is this a problem with my converter box or something else. I asked at my local Charter office and the clerk there said it was that the digital signal here didn't work with the converter boxes. Huh?

That others may surf
The digital box you have is for digital Over the Air (OTA) channels which use 8VSB encoding.

Digital cable used QAM encoding.

The OTA boxes don't work with QAM encoding, but most newer digital TVs can do both 8VSB and QAM decoding. Try plugging in the TV without using the box.

NorCal John

Crescent City, CA
You answered my question. The Charter rep at my local Charter office was correct.

My TV is an old analogue television. Pre digital OTA.

Thanks for the info.