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Thinking of suing windstream/PSC

Ok so i have to say windstream is by far the sorriest excuse for a company i have ever seen.2 weeks ago was very sick been sick all year in the hospital 8 or 9 times so far .But 2 weeks ago went to call 911 and had only grinding static on my phone.I had to drive myself to the hospital.
This problem has been going on now for 4 years i have called the PSC 4 times but does me no good windstream techs know the line has serious problems and short of replacing it nothing will help.But windstream being the cheap scamming company they are they choose instead to save money.Now i`m feed up took 4 years but i have reached my limit yesterday the phone was on and off pure static one min humming the next same issue i have had for the last 4 years .My 6 month old baby was sick 2 days ago my father is 77 years old and me sick for the last 2 years.
How long before something bad happens??Soon i will be filing a lawsuit aginst both windstream and the PSC you had 4 years to fix this issue time is up.



Ok so i was wronge has been 3 years i have been having these issues i would hate to see all the trouble tickets i have placed with windstream during these 3 years .Also i complained 5 times to the PSC .
I acually had a tech come out today and after the phone yesterday going out for 10 to 20 min and then back on and back off all day long like that .but when he showed up this morning all was good no noise and it was good.i told him short of them running new line it would never be fixed he said it was in the works but they was some red tape yet to go thru .I told him i was fixing to sue them.I have had this problem for 3 years before windstream was windstream it was att i think here inj kentucky??I had dialup with att and got a deal where dsl was 20$ a year for the first year and 25$ after the first year for 3mb for life .And they lied and slowed my net down saying my line couldn`t handle it and that was why my net was dropping 3 years ago.my girlfriend had to have caller id and they offered me a package to get faster net back agian just 4 months ago so i took the faster net with the package in order to get caller id she needed .I then seen that they lied and my line could support the 3m speeds and the drops where due to the line noise and phoneline problems.
And they have the nerve to tell me that becuase i got the new pakage and the net changed i lost the 25$ dsl for life deal when in fact they slowed my net and made the change themselves 3 years ago.
I have been paying for crap phone and crap net for 3 years and not knowing if my family members or i could become greatly ill and not even be able to call 911.And when lightning hit this line 3 years ago i waited over 3 months for them to fix it with no net or phone and they charged me for all 3 months.Don`t know why i didn`t raise helol then and not pay it .I will wait a month and see what happens then i`m going to a lawyer and bringing a lawsuit on windstream and maybe the PSC for this BS.


Hazard, KY
Sounds like a good enough reason to me.


reply to JKK101
its my understanding if a home phone line is not working they are required by law to fix it within 24 hours?

I would never put my life in the hands of another person or company, if you valued your life buy a dang cellphone and be prepared.


Hazard, KY
It could be that he cannot get signal at his house, or anywhere in his area.

It's like that around here.


Little Hocking, OH
reply to JKK101
The reason I got a land line at my home was in case of emergencies. My wife was 6 months pregnant, and my cell service is very spotty. I simply wasn't going to take the risk of not being able to get through.

...however, it seems Windstream was the bigger risk all along.


reply to JKK101
I have had issues myself pretty much since starting with Windstream, about 3 years now. With everything I have seen on the internet about unbelievably poor service, horribly oversubscribing and complete disinterest in actually fixing anything (especially for people in the rural areas), I am surprised that they have not had a class action lawsuit brought up against them. That would pretty much be a slam dunk. I wonder what it would take to get one started. HMMMM......


Ok so about a month ago the tech came agian and i told him i was thinking of sueing windsteam over these issues.I told him that unless they run a line that would only be maybe at most a quarter of a mile out the issue would persist .He told me that that was in the process but had some red tape holding it back.That was a month ago i have continued to have problems.Today i called agian and i have video evidence both on a phone in my home as well as a diffrent phone with a 4 foot line to my nid outside with this issue .I will also get the trouble tickets for the last 3+ years this has been going on .I will call PSU one more time for the 5th time and then i`m off to see a lawer over this.


Right here is what i have put up with for 3 years only i have seen it so bad you couldn`t hear nothing.


I love torque

Senecaville, OH
reply to JKK101
My neighbor was having a heartattack one night and her phone was out, fortunately she a had a cell phone and was able to call 911. When she finally got back home her phone still wasn't working. So she called WS and about a week later they found the problem. But our phones still quit working at night once in a while and service doesn't resume until the next morning. Then we've cracking and popping noises in the line that come and go. Not to mention the phone rings for no reason or the disconnects in the middle of a conversation. So I ended up buying a Wilson Desktop DT cell phone booster so we can use our cell phones with no more dead spots in the house. Had it about a month and works great. If I only I could get something to replace WS for high speed internet, I'd be gone before you could bat an eye. Still debating on the VZW HPC and then ditch WS home phone or just rely on the cell phones.


Jefferson, GA
reply to JKK101
JKK I am sorry this has gone on so long and that you feel the need to pursue a legal remedy. My line did that for a really long time. It was a while back but I believe they replaced the line in the ground. Has anyone at WS mentioned water in your line as a possible problem? That video sounds just like my line did.

Twinsburg, OH
reply to JKK101
Hello, So the Area Manager and a technician had a plan to change your service to a different device and work on the feed to your residence. This was the best possible plan to help with a stable connection. So have you noticed anything? Or do I need to follow up and see if this all has been completed?
Support Specialist II
We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com