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Re: Do we need a mobile broadband clients rebellion ?

I was going to say "What about Videotron?", but I just checked their mobile packages.... cheaper than Rogers/Bell/Telus for 15GB, but $0.02/MB after that which is roughly double the Rogers and Bell overages.


Riviere-Beaudette, QC
I just read on the CRTC website that they want to make speeds of 5 mbps accessible and affordable to all Canadians by 2015 LOL

Hey CRTC ! I m 3 kms from highway 20/401 right in the corridor joining Montreal and Toronto the two largest cities in the country !

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reply to carcajou
The issue at hand here is not a rebellion, but that people are trying to use cell service for their internet. That's not going to work.

While a TSI et al. don't stand a chance in a major urban centres, and putting cost aside (it'll be a long time to recoup I'm sure) they should build out those areas.

Make a deal with the developer, while the ground is still dug up and start putting in the fibre to neighbourhood , if not the home, now if the incumbents want in, the they'd have to play ball with the TPIA providers instead of the other way around. Marc can now submit his own ###'s to justify the cost of allowing Rogers et al in the door.

The incumbents are interested in this kind of "land based" service any more, it's too costly to build out, considering they can put a few cell towers for less money and alot less infrastructure to mange and the profits are huge.

One only has to look at Bell rolling out cell service in the north to provide internet service to see that happening.
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TSI et al. Could also set up some towers or lease space on existing ones... from what I know most WISPs lease space on someone else's tower so there's no reason for the larger IISPs to not get into this.

If anything with proper service delivery and good customer service they could probably lock the incumbents out of these areas forever.
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