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Thornhill, ON

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Re: Rogers secretely removes $50 Max Charge on Rocket Hub

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on the situation. I am the OP.

I filed a complaint with the CCTS and provided billing evidence, as well as a description of the phone service I got (Long hold, annoyed CS rep).

They sent me back a reply saying they have reviewed my case, and it DOES fall within their scope mandate.

We have received your complaint XXXXXX and hereby advise you that your complaint falls within the scope of our mandate and will be processed in accordance with our Procedural Code (the “Code”),

What this means is that Rogers has to respond in writing to the CCTS and myself either accepting the claim or to argue it... waiting for that response.

The second thing is, I've filed a story with cellphonehorrorstory.ca which is the same organization that works with STOPTHEMETER which you may remember from last year regarding the UBB billing.

Thirdly, my story here has been passed on to the media. A journalist from the CBC News Marketplace program contacted me via email and asked for my story. I provided it, and she is doing a highlight on how Canadian's are getting screwed by the big 3 for reasons just like this. There will be a camera interview with me in the next month or so.

Fourth, I still have an open ticket with Rogers, they have not contacted me to help resolve the issue.

Everyone I encourage you to NOT give up, send in your complaints and let us be HEARD!! We all don't have the ability to get Cable or DSL to the house, we shouldn't be punished by Rogers for that!


said by m109rider:

They sent me back a reply saying they have reviewed my case, and it DOES fall within their scope mandate.

Good news. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

I'd like to see someone try and see if they can force the CCTS to try and give you back what you had (ie the 50$ cap), aside from the pay-back on the "secret removal" of the cap.


London, ON

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reply to m109rider
I say 3 cheers for all the folks on here who are taking it upon themselves to fight Rogers tooth and nail.

Rogers has had free reign to abuse their customers trust for far too long. Integrity is more than just a word in the dictionary to most hard working people and cash is too hard to come by.

Time to end Rogers sense of entitlement and hold them accountable for their actions and inaction.

To those that constantly make excuses for Rogers, we've had enough. Excuses accomplish nothing.

Time for Rogers to Step up or Step out............