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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to Nick D

Re: [Raiding] Heart of Fear (or Entomology: A Love Affair)

IMO my guild raids Mon and tues 730-11 so were concerned abotu what to do. We did a normal clear of MV and headed over to HoF(after a 30 min break >.)

HoF First boss is a standard can x get out of derp check for the most part. The only difficult piece to the fight is ensuring healers are prepared to heal the Force and Verve. FnV is very healing intensive, we did 2 pulls attempting to 2 heal it realized it was a biotch, I swapped to healing and 5 pulls later cha ching..

A few pointers, dont get to far from the boss during attenuation as they richochette off the walls.

For FnV ensure healers arent have to move much leading up to this, We set helears in the melee bubble under boss and let tank melee sit in the next closest(its still in melee range). We were able to dps this phase in 1 FnV making it really easy.

For the MC phase be careful of breakng MC in the exhale we had deaths to that. As the person coming out of MC is half hp and eats the exhale tick.

Last phase spread, hero/lust and do work.