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Brewster, WA

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Re: Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop Review

You have a geek culture that has always loved numbers and statistics and they've grown up and realized they can use the numbers to manipulate markets in a way that means the money can be made from the numbers themselves and not from the product being sold.

You combine this with political manipulation that makes people dream of being rich while knowing they are living a respectable life with nothing to hide then they give the benefit of the doubt to those who seem to be doing shady things knowing that the people complaining about privacy might have something to hide and thus becoming the bad person or the enemy and creating sides in a battle.

Top this off with the people that have made it into this industry and can support their lifestyle with it and they will defend it to no end with any means while making it seem like it's the way society has to be or behave.

It's a disease and most people fall into the trap either because they want results now or they figure life is short so the effort to think big doesn't matter to them.

Not to be overly political but think of this. 100 years ago we were still in the middle of a great migration from Europe to the US. Like minded people moved and gathered in distant places not just to better their lives but to start new societies. To do this today it's nearly impossible, you are encouraged to visit places but the barrier to move is high and even within ones own country the barrier to live with other like minded people is hard to achieve. Why is this? It's worth putting some thought into if you're willing to look outside your comfort zone and it goes all the way from people and society all the way down to how your Linux distro operates. The distro wants to pull you into a set of walls and give you enough inside those walls to stay happy. Kind of sad really in a supposed open culture of software.

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