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not in ohio
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Re: [WIN8] Biggest reinvention ever?

I'm not the bulk of the market.

The market has shown a strong tendency to move from 'desktop' to 'notebook'.

The market has already decided, for example, that it definitely prefers 'tablet' to 'netbook'.

I think the better way to look at it is that the vast majority of users (the civilians, not us programmers) didn't really want a computer, they wanted a communications device. Accidentally, the communication mechanisms were part of a thing called a 'computer', so that's what they bought. But it's not what they really wanted, it's what they got sold.

I'm not yet sure where this leaves office applications. It seems to me that actual keyboards are essential, mouse not so much.

Ever noticed how naive users tend to like to open up windows full-screen? Maybe they like a one-thing-at-a-time model even if I don't.

Burnt Out Cynic
It does seems many non-computer literate users tend to maximize instead of resizing windows, and as I've stated before Microsoft could have too easily allowed metro applications to run windowed, however didn't. Even Windows media center can run windowed in previous versions, but when you have large high resolution monitors running them fullscreen for something simple like a media application is just ludicrous.

They clearly are pandering to the crowd who want a devices to tweet, and facebook with. The people saying the desktop is dead never consider business, and those who need more than end consumer devices, the kind of people who think they can do everything they need to do on that expensive smartphone in their pocket which actually cost around $600 retail where the costs got buried into their rate plans, however the sucker didn't realize they buried $400 of that into the cost of their rate plan. Then they replace it every two years. The kind of people who whine saying paying $400 for a computer is too much, but are too ignorant to realize they are paying $600 every two years for a smartphone, and this is besides the overpriced, along with low capped wireless carrier data plans.
I distrust those people who know so well what god wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires- Susan B. Anthony
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not in ohio
I'm not convinced that selling what the market apparently prefers to buy counts as "pandering".

Even if I'm on the wrong side of the deal.
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