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Re: Where's Steve...

said by shortckt:

It's a tough call, I sympathize. I'll be voting NO on both of them, despite a close relative in my family being a newly minted CA public school teacher, and Prop. 30 certainly wouldn't affect my income taxes directly since I don't earn anywhere near six figures.

I can't stomach the idea of giving the state more and more when they haven't done anything to curb their overspending ways, and I don't believe Brown's woefull cries about devastating school budget cuts. It's the same ol' politician's song and dance... scare the public with stories of cutting school items, or fire, or police....

The Mercury News has a good article on this subject here. (See the section But are they really "cuts?")

IMO because our legislators would see this proposed new source of funding as an excuse to reduce by an equal amount the school funding from the general fund, the practical result of either proposition will be an almost zero sum difference in total funding to schools.

I agree with you. I wanted to say NO, but in case it's true, I didn't want her to lose her job. I haven't been secretive about this, but I do work for the state government and I know what you mean.
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