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Steve Mehs
Gun Control Is Using A Steady Hand
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Re: [TWC] Time Warner Whole House DVR

TW won't touch your Blu-Ray players or desktops in separate rooms. I'd call an electrician, home theater wiring contractor (it's low voltage so you don't technically need an electrician), or buy the tools and run the cable yourself if you want to be cheap
With Signature Home they will. I believe a tech will stay up to four hours to do an install plus set up all of your other gear, including wireless networking. When I signed up for Signature Home, the CSR asked me for a list of all the equipment that I had, both computer related and TV related. When the tech got here he opened up his Toughbook and had everything diagramed out with the information that I provided to the CSR over the phone…But I already had everything wired, all I basically needed the installer to do was replace my modem with a D3 Modem and replace the two regular DVRs with the whole house DVRs and attach the MOCA filers. They obviously won’t supply you with all the cabling you need, but they will hook everything up.
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