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Re: Rogers secretely removes $50 Overage Charge on Rocket Hub

said by yyzlhr :

This is not a CCTS complaint.

Sure it is.

Rogers has never advertised the a max cap for the Rocket Hub as this information was meant to be internal only so that Rogers can change this aspect at anytime.

Advertised or not, Rogers still offered it and can't yank it away without notice.

There is no need to provide you with notification pertaining to changes to something that was never officially offered.

Are you a Rogers' legal eagle? Give me a break.

Keep in mind, the CCTS does not make decisions based on what the public feels is consumer friendly or not but based on the facts presented by both sides.

Nothing about this relates to consumer friendliness. Rogers had a $50 plan, consumer doesn't monitor their consumption because of all-you-can-eat, where a notice would have saved the day.

You cannot file a joint complaint to the CCTS.

Really, who the hell are you? Whether this guy gets some relief or not, his complaint will be lodged, which it needs to be.

Why do you think the government is trying to finally deal with the typical telco BS in Canada?

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