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Mountain View, CA
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Re: [hard drive] CDM tests have me worried...

Sadly, not really. I think the key points to focus on are these:

- Photoshop tasks that historically have worked instantly now take 2-4 full minutes
- Memory usage during issue is not excessive (1.5GB out of 3GB), so memory is free / available
- CPU usage varies between 0% and 40%
- HDD activity LED is constantly lit

These are what the folks on the Microsoft forum will need to know to help potentially track down what's causing this. If you're able to reproduce it 100% of the time then that's actually good (for figuring out what's causing it anyway). A screenshot of the Task Manager when the Performance tab is selected and View -> Show Kernel Times is checked would also be good, since it gives an indication of what's taking up CPU (kernel vs. userland programs) and what your memory utilisation is (including the page file).
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My biggest problem is not being able to reproduce the lag at will. Although I'm sure it will happen again as I've been taking on more and more in-depth and creative projects.

This only happened one other time that I know of when my son was creating an elaborate design for a website in PS. He also had been working on a project for many hours when he first noticed the lag. Since I was not at the computer at that time I can't say for sure it was the same problem and even if I was I would be right where I am now, clueless?

The one thing I know for sure is the two instances do have one thing in common, Photoshop!

Thank you both for the help, much obliged.
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