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Damn Kidney Stones
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Owen Sound, ON
reply to shaner

Re: [Serious] Statists, be proud! re: Ashley Smith

said by shaner:

said by DKS:

Sunshine list? Don't make me laugh. Outside of psychiatrists and a few administrators, there are damned few there. Of all the mental health workers in our area (there are about 90 in the outpatient sector) exactly one is on the Sunshine List and she works 80 hours a week.

I think you misinterpreted what he was saying. The guards in the video could very well be on the Sunshine List, which is the wrong place to spend the money. In other words, the money is there, it's just allocated to the wrong place.

No, I understand better than you can imagine. No one has evidence or proof of any guard there being on any Sunshine List. Suggesting that is nothing more than unproductive, idle speculation. However, there is evidence of chronic under-funding of the mental health system.
Need-based health care not greed-based health care.