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Bloom County
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Re: Help Me Spec a Laptop for My Wife

Both companies make solid CPUs - Intel has more performance but this is a case of she does not need a ton. i3 from Intel - at most i5 and one of the faster AMDs will work perfectly fine - personalyl I think i7 is overkill.

SSDs certainly are in laptops question is if you can fit a 1 tb along with a SSD in the laptop. I believe the 5400 speed is for 2 reasons - keeps temps down (which is already difficult in a laptop) and help with battery life.

I can't imagine her needing more than 8 gigs of ram - most are easy to get to in a laptop - a access door at the bottom of the laptop. You could very well be limited as to how many you can change out. Some laptops have 1 slot or 2 slots you can change memory in and the rest is soldered to the board. Obviously - make sure you get a 64 bit OS.

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Just FYI, CS6 is multi-threaded and runs better on even more than four cores, so I would think anyone using it extensively would definitely want a quad core chip, given that we are already talking about laptops. Likewise with the ram--being able to use a ramdisk as a scratch disk (8GB scratch, 8GB for system) will drastically accelerate workflows.
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