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East Amherst, NY
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Re: Taking a beating??

$300, unsub. There had to be some compromises made.

This phone was purposely made for the prepaid market and outside the US where people actually pay for the phone upfront. If you look at 2012 almost all of the subscriber growth came from the prepaid market. American Movil (Tracfone, Straighttalk, Net10) is now as big as Tmobile in subs--over 20 million. NONE of the prepaid vendors allow LTE, so this is purpose built. Outside of the US, LTE is a slow roll. We in the US think we are the only people on the planet. Outside of the US the iPhone isn't nearly as popular because people would have to plunk down over $600, whereas google comes in with a great product for half the price.

Also, if you buy this phone no carrier bloat, unlocked, consistent android experience, and actual updates and improvements.

In my hood, Tmobile tracks at 9Mbs and At&t 7Mbs. We also have cricket and MPCS. I would hardly call that ghetto. As all of the iphone folks move to LTE, watch those networks cough and HSPA rock.

Carrier are slowly starting to move away from subsidized phones, so if you need to plunk down $300 for a google phone or $600 for an iphone, watch AAPL stock.

If they put LTE radios in them, this would have made the price point too high, so they didn't AND they would have to kiss the carriers a$$ to get it qualified which could drag deployment 6 months.

This phone is a picture of the rapidly changing landscape with google trying to free their stuff from the carrier's control and bloatware.

Btw, if you don't have GSM coverage in your area, that's not Google's fault.


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I have to agree Google is targeting this phone to the prepaid and those out of contract market, LTE would be nice but not necessary.
TMO has also stated that even after there LTE deployment there will still be HSPA in place so this phone will still be usable, for how long not sure.

With the addition of all the MVNO in the US theres a lot to be had with the bring your own sim crowd. Not to mention the numbers were out as of spring 2012 that there are more prepaid accounts in the US now then postpaid, with prepaid not allowed currently on LTE there is no point to include LTE for this yrs model phone, especially since Verizon is the only North American company to have a decent LTE network. Apple had to go with an LTE model as there targeting Verizon postpaid customers and those customers would not survive or purchase without LTE now that Verizon has upgraded there network, If the iphone 5 was still on ATT only do you think there would have been A LTE radio built in , don't hold your breath on that.

Google still can make a bundle selling this phone in the US to: TMobile, ATT, TRACphone , Simple mobile, Walmart Mobile, Rogers wireless canada, Bell canada, Wind mobile canada, mobilicity canada, etc... So there not a shortage of buyers that will appreciate the $300 price tag. Also overseas LTE is slow to deploy so this phone will still be highly accepted in there market.

My only gripe is NO micro sd card port? that was my main turn off. Target the customers who have the lowest amount of data access available, so screw the cloud when your caped and throttled. Also The customers who can hardly stream due to various prepaid restrictions but leave them without the option to carry around there own 32gb of data on a micro card, that was the fail.


united state

People expect to be able to keep the same phone for two years anyway. And two years from now all the major carriers are going to have decent LTE networks.


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Most will have a decent LTE in 2 yrs True but,

The majority will still have there HSPA networks in place as well. The one to go the way of the dodo in the next few years is standard GSM. even foreign countries ( the ones not interested in LTE anytime soon) are looking to ditch GSM in the near future and adopt HSPA as the ground floor standard.


Thanks for the informative posts, buddahbless. Helps this not-so-phoney guy make sense of his upcoming smart phone purchase. The limited local storage option (no SDcard) might keep me away from Nexus 4.