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Your Daddy
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Re: [Classes] Monk Mistweaver

I think that the Uplift Glyph will be more valuable as time goes on. Chi is a resource that is finite, even with gear. As you progress through different content, spirit will only increase. Your effective mana pool (despite your mana bar staying the same) will increase.

Eventually, your mana regen will be ridiculous enough to feel like the Uplift glyph will be worth something. With the Thunder Tea, I'm able to keep the HoT up on over half the raid. When raid damage hit, I had 4 chi points and was able to hit uplift twice for massive amounts of raid heals.
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Ruffs Dale, PA
I'm not saying its a must use at all. Im just stating that once you have the spirit to sustain it, it is amazing. Granted for moments where burst is needed I can simply have my renewing mist rolling with atleast 3 chi at hand, and use focus mana tea/ uplift on the intial healing hit to renew everyones mist to full duration as well as double my uplifts healing, then energiving brew back to full chi and uplift twice more.

Like I sid my gear is far from amazing, but I have yet to have a fight cause mana issues for me unless I am doing soemthing wrong or trying out some burst combos when not needed. I believe unbuffed I am closing in on 9k spirit with the on use spirit trinket(1min cd) and the Darkmoon spirit procc to bost that higher.

On a side note, I still think the general population doesn't respect mistweavers in pvp as there aren't any reckful, talbradar or soda caliber mistweavers atm, but I have been helping the stigma in Sargeras pug RBG groups. People have been blown away by my aoe healing in lol zerg fests like Temple and Mine bg's. Hopefully monks will become more accepted in general and I won't have to play the ask XYZ about me..