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Tyngsboro, MA
reply to Anon_One

Re: [Northeast] Download Speeds inconsistent

At least for the day/night download speed, I seem to be seeing that. If I VPN home and do a speed test during the day, it's not full speed, but typically have been 30/25 (out of 75/35), at night no where near that

I will say I was impressed... our area got hit by the storm, had no power, generator kicked on and FIOS still worked fine the whole time. Can't say that for when I had Comcast last year during the snow storm before I moved here (and I was in a more urban env there compared to now in the woods.)



Upper Darby, PA
I was also impressed how there were no service disruptions from Sandy. However, I think I may have spoke too soon.

Since arriving home this morning, I'm having some sort of issue with my FiOS. It's like I'm losing packets or timing out. Every page I go usually requires a refresh. The page fully loads once I'm successful. From the speed tests it seems I'm getting bursts of data like a knotted hose with spurts of water coming through, making it impossible to use Netflix. It's driving me a little crazy. Is anyone else having this issue? Could it be Verizon slowing me down to make repairs?

Edit: Fixed just when I made this post.


Tyngsboro, MA
Either I'm really lucky or they are working on it... mind you I have the 75/35 plan with a BPON ONT so may be a bit inflated by their test: