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searching for satellite signal

For the last past month I come home from work, pick up the remote control and all I get is...you guessed it! "searching for satellite signal. I'm home this week becomes I'm not feeling well. I have on the tv but guess what I'm watching...you guessed it! "searching for satellite signal". Called customer service to no avail! I have to pay them to be my own service technician to there faulty equipment! I am done....going back to my beloved Comcast...To Xfinity And Beyond!!!!!!!!


Roy, UT
To get free service calls you need the protection plan. if you would of had that it would cover your equiptment and you wouldnt of had to pay a fee. simple as that


Think about how you stated that. It would have covered your equipment. It wasn't his equipment. He is being charged to rent this equipment and use it. So if you ask me this company should make sure their equipment is working properly without extra cost!!


First off, Directv does not charge a lease fee. There is a $6 mirroring fee that is applied for every additional receiver but no monthly lease fee. When you first start service you get this equipment free it is leased yes but there are no lease fees. If you want to upgrade there may be a ONE time lease fee but not a recurring lease fee. And the protection plan covers your sattelite dish even though once it is installed it is YOUR property. And to be perfectly honest if there is something wrong with your equipment along the road then it is not Directv's fault. When they sent it to you it was working fine. It's not their fault if it develops a problem down the road. Please learn your facts.
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