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Chicago, IL
reply to NetFixer

Re: DHCP troubles

said by NetFixer:

said by tomdlgns:

in business environments the device they have been giving out (lately) is a cable modem/router, but most companies disable DHCP on that device and turn it into a gateway (sometimes a call to comcast is needed to confirm it is in gateway mode). in all of the business scenarios i have been involved in, the IP from the comcast device is

Actually, the SMC gateway boxes are in gateway mode by default, and it requires a Comcast tech with the proper access credentials to put it into bridge mode.

That is why I got rid of the SMC gateway I was using. Comcast techs kept resetting it back to the default gateway mode because bridge mode was considered non-standard. Whenever that happened, my network would be crippled until I could find a Comcast CSR who knew how to put it back into bridge mode (and was willing to go against Comcast's policy to force gateway mode). I know how to do it, but I no longer have the required access credentials since Comcast changed them.

you are right, my mistake.

that is one thing i never understood about comcast, why not have the proper business equipment for business installs?

they should have a business only team. they do for fiber/metro-e, maybe that is their 'true' business team.

i like their fiber team...the tech shows up (after fiber has been ran) and sets up the hardware, confirms internet connectivity with my block of static IPs and then leaves. that is how it should be.

sorry for going off track.