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Taylors, SC

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Google got it right

I don't see any problems with this phone. I would have made it the same way if I was Google. LTE isn't going to be prevalent enough for another 2 years or so. I'm excluding Verizon because I'm not a fool to pay those prices and you can't bring your own phone to their network.

LTE radios are also going to be sucking the power like crazy for the next 2 years or so until they get the technology more refined.

Is any LTE network even exceeding the 42Mbps that this phone is equipped with anyway? Theoretically if a tower has more backhaul for LTE shouldn't this phone benefit up to 42Mbps? Who need more than 42 anyway? What on earth are you doing on your phone? Multiple simultaneous HD streams or something?

We need to be focusing our bashing energy on the carriers and not Google. They won't even upgrade their backhaul lines to handle the existing HSDPA+ technology let alone LTE. They won't even give us a data cap that will allow us to use our phones to their potential even if we had the speeds that we should have.

Bottom line is that Google didn't put LTE in this phone because LTE is pointless in its current form and is an unnecessary expense. Blame the carriers for that not Google.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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Look at the spectrum shuffle. Most Sprint phones w/ Wimax are pretty much dead, because Clear isn't going to sink any more money into that. Sprint is moving their LTE bands around so all of those LTE phones without the basebands will be useless too. TMO is ADDING 1900Mhz so people can use AT&T phones and upgrading to HSPA+ on those.

If you buy any LTE phone, you simply can't unlock it and take it to another carrier today. In the future that will be MVNO, but you can't move it across networks--mvno or not that is network lockin.

This phone does the opposite. People should be cheering about this. The Apple folks keep comparing a $300 phone to a $650 dollar phone, and slam it? I can buy a ford fiesta for $20k and a mercedes for $40k. Do you say that since they are both cars the Fiesta should have the same features? That's ridiculous.

This is the FIRST unlocked, unsubsidized phone of this caliber to be released. Why has the press not cheered about this? Well because their AAPL stock is sinking, they are firing execs like water, and Google is starting to make serious inroads in the highend with midpoint costs.


San Jose, CA
I think it's at least the second, actually. Galaxy Nexus (Google Nexus 3) has nearly identical specs and the same price. Both are pretty great deals at 350$ unlocked!

Most people don't realise that they can save a ****load of money by using a contract-less 30$/mo Walmart plan by T-Mo with this phone.