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Lavalette, WV
reply to donoreo

Re: How did Hurricane Sandy disrupt your week so far?

My Primary VoIP service was down (but the cable VoIP backup was still online), as such I couldn't get calls and I had to use the backup a lot - not to mention my cellphone with only 1400 minutes/month.

In general, it was very disruptive since I had to explain to a lot of non-technical people (who remember you/me by the phone number that appears on their display):

"My phone service is down, so you've gotta call me on this backup line [backup number] or text me at [this other number]."

"My phone provider is offline cause of the hurricane, you've gotta use this or this number for the time being."

Even though I say things like that, I still get people who are like "Huh?" and they have no idea about having backup phone lines (aside from cell phones) or having to use a different number they never heard of to reach me or heaven forbid me calling them from a new number.

--- And that was just that.
For me personally it was very hard to get around in my area of WV. Where I'm at we've got only one way out of my town that leads to my workplace, and it was blocked cause of tons of accidents over these several days.

Not to mention I was still expected to show up regardless of all other factors (being 'essential' isn't the best thing a lot of the time).

And of course there was all this cold and snow and rain which made it hard to travel any sort of distance without seeing an accident.