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Re: Hurricane Sandy On The Way? Possibly Worse Storm Since 1938

Heh...if there is anything good at all that came out of this storm, it's what you said. I've been waiting for all the leaves to come down (the Oak Trees on my property are the most stubborn), before I start cleaning them up.
Sandy took care of that...there is hardly a single leaf left. So, time to get to work. (Fortunately, I'm up in the sticks...no "bagging" leaves here). I just use my monster leaf blower, and blow all of them out into the woods.
Now, if I didn't have three trees that came down during the storm that I have to cut up and cart away (again, I just carry or drag the stuff out in the woods), my life would be 'perfect'.
Still, with all the cleanup I have to do, my heart goes out to people who lost a whole lot more than I did.
I had a life once.....now I have a Computer and a Modem.