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Broadband Ranger
Boca Raton, FL

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reply to GlassyMcPete

Re: Do you still use Windows?

said by GlassyMcPete:

Is there and OS that is simpler than Windows in what it does and what it installs where and where the user the can easily be in control or what is happening on the machine she owns?

I'm not trying to diss WIndows and although it is very targeted (for obvious reasons -- everyone uses it), I really don't feel like I am in control of what goes on on my computer which worries me since I have tax data, customer info, etc.

Glasin McPeterson

The question is not which operating system you want to use, but which operating system you need to use.

You have tax data, and customer info, can the applications you use to manipulate this data run something other than windows? Do you, or whomever you are doing this for, have the technical skills or desire to learn a whole different set of features and terminology? I have taken people to OSX and a couple could not get past the minimize and close buttons being on the left. It seems like a simple thing, but to them it was like trying to watch TV upside down.

What you are describing is security though obscurity. This only works for a while. As more and more people try it, the solution becomes less obscure and a bigger target. Maybe learning to secure what you have will be less work in the long run.