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reply to Ken1943

Re: CC Disaster

said by Ken1943:

25% of cell towers were down in New Jersey. I don't know where CC has their servers, but the two largest data centers in NYC went down.
I have worked at 311 8th Ave and that building is a whole city block filled with servers. Their generators were either in the basement because of their weight or they ran out of fuel.

Shit happens


Most businesses and telecommunications infrastructure with backup power I know of typically locate their generators on or bellow the ground level. One guess what happens when it floods.

The irrational also need to factor in the cost of the service. CC can have NASA grade backup, but then our service would cost a good $1 a minute to pay for all of this. In comparison, to the $3.45 minimum we pay CC for a service with a DID.

What's also laughable is that the majority of America uses a single point of failure overhead cable broadband system and power grid; or a DSL service connected back to one DSLAM. One guess what happens to every single service if these are severed, flooded, etc...

You're down for weeks. Yes, even when I pay over $100 a month for power and over $100 a month for cable services. Versus the $12 and under I pay CC.