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Mechanicsville, VA
reply to UHF

Re: Back to worst-case-scenario to start with!

said by UHF:

said by nitzan:

the problem is that CallCentric is using proprietary systems that make it hard and expensive for them.

I'm not sure of what CallCentric is using for a switch, but from what they've said in the past, it's carrier grade telecom switches (most likely Lucent), connected to an SS7 and most likely TDM network. That's not any more "proprietary" than an Asterisk server. More expensive to make redundant - definitely, I can't argue that point. Which one is better? When all hell breaks loose probably the Asterisk box!

What you have to understand though is that those systems are much more complicated. If it were as simple as you have stated, then why are all those Verizon CO's still down and no one has phone service? They should have a backup system on the other side of the country for all their interconnects.