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reply to ConstantineM

Re: the cloud

From what I understand, CallCentric does not use Tier 4 Data Centers or any data center. They have their systems in their offices with whatever internet connectivity they have as well.

They should either using cloud or hosting or colocation services
within multiple (at least 2) Tier 4 Data Centers. T4 Data Centers have extensive power backup, generators, physical security, some are underground and protected, and they typically have 20-30 disparate internet connections to various top tier internet carriers.

That would also give CC the ability to scale up massively if necessary to withstand attacks instead of leaving everyone without service during attacks. And for storms, this would have been a lot better. Sure, reaching a call that terminates in NY/NJ might have been hard, but it would not have totally taken out CallCentric's system entirely for users all over the US and overseas. Really bad planning in my opinion. And they carry and charge for 911 service too!

I do not know a lot about voip.ms, but they claim to host service in multiple cities so users can switch on the fly to another location. Of course, they probably have some kind of centralized system, and I don't know where that is, or whether it needs to be operational, but overall, the topology of voip.ms seems better at least from where I am sitting.

Maybe CC can be more transparent and discuss their operations. I fear their systems and NOC is just in their office building which is certainly not a T4 data center. And, I believe the most secure T4 data centers are not in NYC.

This is not an issue of cost by the way, just planning. Using real data centers would not be a big cost issue for CC and they could even use hosting to get rid of reliance on their own hardware.

Hope the CC staff all made it through the storm Ok. They have been so wonderful and I hope they can make some changes and keep it going. Worst case scenario planning is needed though.