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San Jose, CA
reply to UHF

Re: the cloud

said by UHF:

said by ConstantineM:

Except that telco networks are in fact data network. Take a look at any tutorial on how a PSTN to VoIP system works. The call gets to the CO, then it gets to the internet usually right from the CO.

But you or I don't know where the conversion from TDM to VOIP is taking place. At the switch the DID terminates at? At CallCentrics switch? Somewhere in between? We don't know. So we can't argue that it was easy to re-route because we don't know that. Only Callcentric does.

No, we actually know -- reportedly, all their TDM-to-VoIP conversions that actually take place at CallCentric's office are currently down (e.g. the free New York numbers). (BTW, my bro's Google Voice 347 number is no longer down, yet my CallCentric's 845 is; however, I'm not blaming CC for 845 being down, that's what comes with the number being in NY.) All non-NY and non-NJ numbers that are up, are most certainly converted to VoIP somewhere else other than CallCentric. So, it's pretty clear that this whole thing could have been avoided with quite little effort, just some good preparation.